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Scuba School Scuba lessons and dive travel in Nashville and Hendersonville with PADI scuba dive instructor Marcos. learn to dive and get PADI certified in Nashville. Scuba training and dive lessons with PADI instructor.
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The Best Dive Training in Hendersonville and Nashville.
PADI Scuba Lessons Nashville th
ville the way Nashville learns to Dive. Located in Hendersonville. 


Instructors Forrest and Max with Dive Master Duncan

Sidemount:  Are you ready to get that heavy tank off your back?  Increase your bottom gas? The Sidemount course will walk you step by step on how to configure your gear, develop perfect buoyancy, and Trim, and add a 2nd Cylinder. 

Prerequisite:   Certified Open Water

Sidemount Special $300
Save $135 when you sign up in March
Free $35 Manual and $100 off Cert total $300

 March Special $235 
$235  Self-Reliant Diver
April 6th and 7th


What you get Cost
Recreational Trimix Reduce narcosis on no-deco dives within recreational limits $300
Drysuit Stay warm & dry $250
Deep 130' max depth, no deco $400
Self-Reliant Dive without buddy support, alone if necessary $400
Tecreational Dive with tech gear, prior to tech training prerequisites met, buoyancy trim fine tuning, DSMB use, gas planning, emergency deco procedures $400
Sidemount No more tanks on your back, better trim & stability.  Low profile, redundant gas supplies, etc. $400
Tech-Sidemount Sidemount plus stage rigging, and gas switch procedures. $500
Cavern Explore caverns.  depth plus penetration max 130', or limit of daylight zone, whichever is less. $500
Tec 40 Max Depth 130', 10 minutes of deco, single deco gas up to EANx50 $450
Tec 45 Max Depth 145', unlimited deco, single deco gas up to pure O2 $550
Tec Trimix 45 Use normoxic trimix for narcosis reduction within Tec 45 limits $700
Tec Trimix 45 Upgrade Use normoxic trimix for narcosis reduction within Tec 45 limits $300
Tec 50 Max Depth 165', unlimited deco, two deco gasses up to pure O2 $650
Tec Trimix 50 Use normoxic trimix for narcosis reduction within Tec 50 limits $800
Tec 65 Max depth to 220 ft using normoxic trimix. $800
Tec Trimix Max depth to 300 ft using hypoxic trimix $1,500
Trimix Upgrade Max depth to 300 ft using hypoxic trimix $800
Tec 40 CCR Hollis Prism 2 Learn to dive with the Hollis Prism 2 $1,500
Blender Blend gas for yourself or for hire $200
Trimix Blender Blend trimix for yourself or for hire $250
Recreational Trimix Dive trimix withing recreational limits to reduce narcosis $300



   Hendersonville dive shop.  Scuba store in Hendersonville

Dawn in Clear Blue Water Bonaire



Payment Plan
 Pay as you learn.

 $75 Study Materials Book DVD and Dive Tables.
Return DVD for $25 credit.

 $75 Classroom Session

$100 Two Pool Sessions

$75 Dives 1 & 2

$75 Dives 3 & 4

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* SCUBA Lessons are non transferable and non refundable*
Learn to SCUBA dive in Nashville and Middle TN with a PADI SCUBA instructor.
You may take your SCUBA lessons go on dive trips and buy dive gear all with Scuba Nashville.

Classroom sessions require a minimum of 3 students. Pool training and quarry dives require a minimum of 5 students.
Private sessions cost $100 divided by all attending students. An addition $25 per student will be added to pool or quarry dives.


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