Learn to SCUBA Dive in Nashville and Middle TN with PADI SCUBA Instructors.

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 Learn to SCUBA Dive in Nashville and Middle TN with PADI SCUBA Instructors.




Scuba Gift Certificates

SCUBA Gift Certificates

Best SCUBA School in TN, PADI SCUBA Lessons Nashville the way Nashville learns to Dive. Located in Hendersonville. 


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SCUBA School SCUBA lessons and dive travel in Nashville and Hendersonville with PADI SCUBA dive instructor Marcos. learn to dive and get PADI certified in Nashville. SCUBA training and dive lessons with PADI instructor.
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8:00 AM  to  11:00 PM
The Best Dive Training in Hendersonville and Nashville.
PADI SCUBA Lessons Nashville the way Nashville learns to
Dive.  Learn to dive with The Best PADI SCUBA School.

You may start anytime. You will progress at your own speed. We don't keep all students in a group. Join any class or any pool session anytime.  
Prices are based on minimum of 3 students per class.
Private class and pool sessions available.






Master SCUBA Diver  
Includes 5 Specialties of your choice


  • 5 PADI Specialties

  • Rescue Diver Certification

Dives to choose from:

  • Underwater Navigation
  • Search and Recovery Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Underwater Videographer
  • Natural Navigation
  • Dive Propulsion Vehicle
  • Boat Diver
  • AWARE - Fish Identification
  • Wreck Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • And many others


NITROX   $99 Special! This is the best time to take your NITROX training. Enriched air NITROX is just an easy next step for Beginner Divers.  Take the NITROX quiz while the dive tables are still fresh in your mind.



PADI SCUBA Specialties :

$99  NITROX    Reg. $175 ($99 special with purchase of any other lessons)

$99 Dive Propulsion Vehicle

$99 Underwater Navigation

$99 Search & Recovery

$115 Boat Diver +price of boat trip in FL

$115 Deep Diver

$125 Night Diver

$125 Wreck Diver

$75 Peak Performance Buoyancy

$250 Underwater Photography Training + Enhanced Photo Editing

Scuba Calendar, Pool Training and classroom schedule.

   Hendersonville dive shop.  SCUBA store in Hendersonville

Bonaire   Bonfire Party


Scuba Bonaire



Barbados Scuba  Carlisle Bay
Scuba Caymans


Bonaire Scuba Trip
Key West dive trip
Marcos going to dive site.  FL

Dawn in Clear Blue Water Bonaire
PADI Instructor Michael, and Nima


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Cool Dive Shirts


 All SCUBA lessons prices are based on 2 or more students in class.
* SCUBA Lessons are non transferable and non refundable*
Learn to SCUBA dive in Nashville and middle TN with PADI SCUBA instructor.
You may take your SCUBA lessons go on dive trips and buy dive gear all with SCUBA Nashville.


Bonaire Scuba Trip


SCUBA Forms Please Download & Print.

PRINT What do do Before Open Water SCUBA Class
PRINT  PADI  Discover SCUBA Diving, D.S.D
PRINT  SCUBA Skills Required During 4 check-out dives
Penny Royal SCUBA Quarry
SCUBA Refresher & Quick Review
*Print SCUBA Lessons Invoice
Bonaire Dive Vacation         Print Bonaire SCUBA Brochure
Bonaire Liability
Map to Hotel
PADI Specialties available in Bonaire
List of extra things to bring.
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615-955-DIVE  (3483)

955-DIVE,   (615)955-3483